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At the end of our 2019 outreach season, our ministry team formulated a $98,000 budget for 2020. Please help us to reach this goal by sowing a one time financial seed or by becoming a N4C Ministry Partner through monthly donations. Even a small amount makes a great difference in God's hands! (Matthew 14:13-21)

ImageLast spring the WH Embassy Center completed its 1st phase of renovation, which provides a welcoming coffee shop with a Christ-centered atmosphere. This facility is extremely popular with the students. We are hosting up to 90 young people for each event, and so we are already in need of expanding our space to accommodate the increasing number of students who desire to participate. This will take a miracle, but we desperately need to build a fellowship hall to complete the 2nd phase of renovation. Please be in prayer about this situation because we are seriously challenged financially, but this could enable us to have a tremendous opportunity to reach more students for Christ!

Image The International Student Ministry has become known as the "ministry-on-wheels" because of the continual need to transport students to and from the airport, bus station, the social security office, church services and special outings. These many miles provide wonderful ministry opportunities for sharing the Gospel and discussing the many spiritual questions that the students pose while traveling. While the church van is necessary for transporting large groups of students, it is not always the best choice for stewarding God's financial provisions since it only gets about 10 miles to a gallon. Due to the students' various flight schedules upon arriving and returning, there is a constant need to make this 90-mile roundtrip for only one or two students at a time. The same situation applies when taking them to the social security office in Knoxville. The Kochans have been using their family van for the last four seasons to help take these smaller groups of students, but because their vehicle has over 270,000 miles on it, there are serious concerns about its reliability and safety. Please pray and ask the Lord how you might help with this vital and immediate need.

We want to thank you ALL for your generous support and for making this unique world outreach ministry such a great success!  
Together we make a great team!

Customer Testimonails

On behalf of the Kotchan family, our ministry team, and young people from all around the world, we would like to thank you for your prayers and generous support in 2014! This past year we've been blessed with amazing ministry opportunities: we were able to present the Gospel to young people from 22 different countries, which many like Turkey or China are simply very difficult to reach through "traditional missions". It was a very busy year requiring much work, but we are pleased to report to you that 128 students prayed to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Alexey Kochan CEO
Customer Testimonails

I feel grateful to the people in this center for their kindness and their help in solving problems here in America. It is so wonderful to know that you’ve got a place to go, a place where you can feel that you are not left alone in an unknown country. I hope you’ll continue this program so that other students next year could feel this safety and care you’re providing.

Anton, Moscow International student